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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

To know about breathing

More oxygen the better is not always true. It is the adequate quantity of oxygen and Carbon Dioxide that is ideal to keep you healthy. Even oxygen in excess it can lead to hyperventilation which will create oxygen wastes with reduced supply of oxygen to cells and if less the cells will be deprived of the vital ingredient for proper metabolic activities

Advanced Pranayamas have become a fad. One should learn the act of proper breathing first before moving on to the advanced ones (which will have to be based on the individual’s requirements)

Forcible exercise of muscles involved in breathing is most of the time unnecessary so we should always learn to respond to the requirement of the body and learn to breathe accordingly

Breathing in empty stomach is a must as the full stomach seriously hinders complete breathing practice

Breathing consciously but effortlessly, several times a day helps in correcting your breathing pattern. With regular practice our regular breathing pattern will change for the better

Keeping the spine erect creates more space inside for deeper breathing

Practicing mudras like Chinmudra or Samana Mudra will enhance the effectiveness of the breathing

Diaphragm is always used in breathing (unless one is suffering from paralysis) and only we should learn to use it efficiently. So it is always diaphragmatic breathing

It should not be misunderstood that belly breathing is the only correct method. In the process of breathing many muscles are involved and abdominal shape will increase or decrease along with increase or decrease of both thoracic volume and shape. So simple deep breathing will almost automatically exercise all the muscles of respiration

In rest your body does not need extra supply of oxygen as metabolic activity will be at its low. So again, listen to the needs of the body. When it needs excess supply, all the muscles and organs involved in respiration pep up their activity and more of oxygen intake is ensured and when rest, opposite will be the need and body’s response as well

We actually need to train the respiratory organs to expand or contract to its fullest capacity, hence the need for deep and conscious breathing practices

As the breathing speed is conversant with (in a healthy breathing pattern) metabolic activity, unexplained breathing speed means trouble or body is trying to bring back the disturbed order. When it is consciously done (this increase or decrease in breathing speed and volume), the aim should be to acclimatize lungs and other organs involved in respiration to respond better to the changing environmental stimuli and not at changing the normal pattern itself

As a conclusive point, it is like you are being given a powerful weapon to protect yourself but you should be diligent enough to handle it and use it properly else it can prove lethal

Shekhar TV
Vibronics Healer

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pregnancy is Natural…!

Birthing is a normal phenomenon which is happening every minute on this earth. The women’s body, cells and genes are flooded with more information than all the researches put together regarding natural and normal birthing. So if allowed and properly supported without interfering with the normal process which is spontaneous, the whole pregnancy period can be a real pleasure.
Yoga has a very meaningful prescription for a healthy pregnancy. If we had maintained the body and mind in its proper, healthy status there is no cause for concern. But as we have failed in this aspect, we need to re-adjust our living style to cope with the pregnancy requirements.
Women are unnecessarily anxious, worried, fear stricken about such a natural phenomenon. If we observe, nothing about pregnancy is to be manually handled other than initiating the process. Once the process is triggered, the body knows where to deposit the fertilized egg, the body knows how to form the baby’s organs, knows how and when to bring baby to life, knows what kind of food it requires during different phases of pregnancy, knows how to redistribute the nutrients to nourish the baby and the mother as well, and it also knows when it is the right time to send the baby out of the womb.
Taking the major part of pregnancy into account we have hardly anything to do but listen to the body’s signals, only to fulfil the responsibility of supporting such a marvellous phenomenon.  The modern approach to pregnancy is more aggressive than friendly and caring. Most of the time caring outfit the hospital personnel wear on their faces is only to keep the patient with them and not with a genuine concern about wellbeing of the patient. It is very important to make the women believe in herself and her in built capabilities than to unnecessarily burden her with useless pathological information and implications etc. and her caretakers with extortionate hospital bills.
If, at home, the ignorant myths held by the people near and dear about pregnancy, are spoiling the ease and comfort of the very pleasant journey for the expecting lady, many doctors are unnecessarily inducing fear for the financial benefit of the organization they are working for. Unnecessary rests are advised; unnecessary dietary regulations are imposed and excessive food is fed which not only takes away the emotional freedom of a would be mother but also severely hampers her mental peace and physical fitness. People taking care of the pregnant woman should never feed her anxiety (which is not called for in the first place), instead make sure she carries on her normal activities but with little extra caution.
All these millions of past years the so called specialized doctors did not exist to take care of the baby or the mother but still the population spur could hardly be controlled! Interfering with a natural process has been a serious flaw in modern medical approach. On special occasions which warrant medical intervention, it certainly is wise to approach a well-qualified doctor but not and never otherwise. It will be a wise practice if pregnant women keep the visit to the doctor at a bare optimum requirement and never more than that.
Simple things to know during pregnancy can be;
·         Just be your natural self
·         Remember nothing untoward or nothing which your body cannot take is happening to you
·         Keep in mind that You are loving this process and you are having it willingly
·         Your body has all the information required from zygote formation to the birth of a baby
·         Your body is your first doctor, so listen to your body. It gives you indications from time to time about what it needs.
·         Just support your body and fulfil its requirements just like when you feel hungry you eat, when you feel thirsty you drink water etc.
·         Rest when your body says it needs rest otherwise pursue normal activities
·         When you feel energetic to work then work to your heart’s content
·         Working and keeping agile can improve the berthing experience and ease the labour
·         Do pranayama regularly as more oxygen is required to be deliberately taken in. Owing to the restricted expansion of lungs due to increased size of the womb normal breathing will not suffice
·         Be careful that you are not straining your muscles and ligaments while doing pranayama (which is nothing but simple, complete and slow breathing)
·         Until and unless you are already proficient in advanced pranayama practice you should not practice variants of pranayama.
·         Precisely speaking simple, deep, effortless breathing several times a day is all that is required
·         Do simple Yogasanas (prescribed by learned Yoga instructor) as per your needs and without extending your limits. This keeps your body flexible, strong and healthy
·         Eat slowly chewing the food well and eat normally. As the popular myth goes you don’t have to eat for the two.
·         While eating concentrate on the process and not watch TV or read anything during eating as this practice can make you miss the valuable signals from the body.
·         Know for sure, food is all that has transformed into you and transforms into your baby
·         Do not listen to harsh music as it can send jerks through your nervous system creating agitation within
·         Avoid conflicts and arguments with the fellow members of the family as it can seriously compromise your mental peace
·         Meditating at least 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the night can be a very great healing and rejuvenating practice
·         Simplest meditation could be
v  Sitting in a comfortable posture
v  Sit idle for 2 minutes
v  Close your eyes
v  Start observing your breath
v  Be aware of the coldness of breath while inhaling
v  Be aware of the warmth of the exhaled breath
v  Do this for 10-20 minutes
v  Open your eyes slowly
v  Lie down on a flat surface and do Shavasana for 10 minutes
Any natural phenomenon is bound to be wonderful, requiring less effort and very pleasant. With the necessary preparation of your emotions you can have the best of experience with the life’s most miraculously joyous journey.  
Happy and wonderful birthing….!
-Shekhar TV

Vibronics Healer

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Diet - The Facts to Know

The Diet

The common misunderstanding about diet is what to eat daily and how much?  The body is made in such a way that it can digest any edible food if taken in proper proportions is another theory which is misleading.  The fact is it is not how much it is not what you eat and it is not when and how much you eat that matters. It is how eat that matters most. Actually most of us do not know how to eat food. Only after we know how to eat we can concentrate on what to eat and then how much to eat and then when to eat.

The first and foremost requirement is emotionally how comfortable you are during food intake, what is your posture, what is your company. The body is more receptive to anything we take in only when you are emotionally fit and comfortable. We need to be in a pleasant state of mind, happy and never in a hurry while taking food. We must know how to enjoy food to the fullest. Take food with absolute acceptance and high regard. Even the most satvic food turns tamasic if eaten with bad temper or disturbed mind and vice versa. Finally as the common saying goes, the food that we have taken is what we are!

And the next most important physical requirement is proper chewing of the food. The most part of digestion happens while chewing… thereby reducing the burden on the stomach. Postural comfort is also of utmost importance to enable the stomach, intestines and other digestive organs to function normally. Quantity of water along with food also plays a crucial part in proper digestive process. Excess or too little water will not help good digestion. Optimum water intake should be ensured so that body does not feel uncomfortable in any way. Keep the body well hydrated and even water should not be taken in excess as anything in excess is a burden to the organs.

Then comes quantity. As per the popular Ayurvedic  prescription 1/4th of the stomach should be empty. But how to measure it? The simple rule is if you feel energetic after food the quantity taken is not in excess and is optimum. The excess food taken requires stomach to function more vigorously which calls for excessive amounts of blood supply to stomach and reducing sufficient blood supply to some other organ in the body. The whole process of improper blood supply begins here and all the organs in the body are not kept nourished as required. Stomach has a very strong acid in it which can digest anything taken into it provided the food taken is not in excess which drastically reduces its efficiency.

With regards to what we have to eat: Now the recommendations come into picture. If all the above requirements are met with then we have time to bother about selection of food. Eat anything that you like genuinely and make practice of eating all kinds of food particularly vegetarian. But the simple rule again is moderation. Do not take anything in excess. Spices, salty, bland, acrid, sweet, fat anything can be digested if taken in moderate quantities and yoga practised regularly.

Shekhar TV
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Friday, June 26, 2015

True Healing

Simply healing…!
-Shekhar TV
Vibronics Healer

The life is all about simple living…is it so? If yes, the following words shall be worth considering. But how many of us want to be simple? And if we do not want to be simple, the question arises why we do not want to be simple. Simplest of answer could be “it is because the moment the word simple is uttered it is misunderstood to be something other than its inherent quality”.
Keeping the misunderstandings apart, being simple doesn’t mean…
·         We have to lead a life without luxury
·         Life without enjoying the riches
·         Life without being rich
·         Living in accordance only with ancient prescriptions for living
·         Not adopting even the positive aspects of modernization  
·         Life without the comforts offered…
And after all it is only about how we program our mind to look at things, accept the facts or reject them, our likings, disliking, relationships, and just about everything that we do, how we are, the way we live is all and is only because of continuous programming of our mind since the day we entered the mother’s womb). It can be noted that
Ø  Luxury will not rob you of your health but the unquenchable drive to lead a luxurious life will
Ø  Enjoying the riches will not kill your health but expecting the riches to come to you beyond your capabilities to earn will
Ø  Utilizing the comforts will not take away the health but becoming lethargic definitely will
Healthier growth happens when desire has arisen out of need and not greed. The true art of detachment (again not to be misunderstood to stay away from everyone, everything, which is of course not mentioned even in the most sacred Vedas) in spite of being attached to everything in life about which we are supposed to be working with, interacting with or associated with naturally blossoms simplicity in us. And that simplicity will bring us the most inherent happiness, health and wealth that we truly deserve. Such a detachment is possible only when we give due importance to ourselves. We normally fail in this regard, as undue importance is always given to the self.
As we sow and plough…so shall we reap…expect nothing more nothing less.
Extending our limits to achieve anything in life should have its root in dedicated perseverance and devotion to the subject at hand and not in greedy future prospects. We have to be workaholic and every time we should test our new limits in achieving any positive goal either set by our own self or forced on us by the society we live in and learn and train our mind constantly to accept gracefully, the results of the dedicated efforts put forth. In general the results of our efforts are directly proportional to our intelligence level, our approach to the goal, our focus on the goal, practicality of approach, our clarity of thought, passion, perseverance and many more influencing external factors.
Leading life to the fullest is a responsibility we cannot afford to evade. In the name of simple living we should not lead an uninteresting or a meaningless life. Every moment in our life should be bubbling with energy and enthusiasm to work for the betterment of the self, good of others, to work for a noble cause, to work towards betterment of the society, idea, personal health and to work towards a healthier society.
That is what is given by Lord Shrikrishna in Bhagavadgita, the most sacred philosophical treatise given to mankind for the first time, as “Karmanye vadhikarasthe maa phaleshu kadachana…!”
The thinking that I have a serious problem is a strong root of the problem. Everyone considers naturally that he is important. Everyone thinks his problem is very strange, very important and very big. Nobody ever looks at a problem from a neutral point of view or with a practical approach. Almost everyone glorifies the problems especially related to one’s health and wealth. Almost at some point of time or the other, everyone wants to be either sympathized or feels very great of himself to claim supremacy and emotional independence (which usually doesn’t exist). Anything emotionally exaggerated other than blissful state of being naturally happy leads to some state of illness which can take shape based on the immunological buildup, environmental make up and circumstantial influence on the individual concerned.
The simple outlook towards healing lies in the following:
1.       Live in the present
2.       Learning to be happy at simple things in life
3.       Learn to be just analytical and inquisitive about a problem or a solution
4.       Stop being desperate about the results
5.       Never have illogical assumptions
6.       Never expect fantasized miracles (miracles are already happening every moment in our life learn to notice them)
7.       Learn to listen to your body (most important)
8.       Learn to satisfy your ego but never feed it
9.       Finally as everyone knows but hardly follows, keep your body fit and flexible through regular practice of properly learnt, inexpensive but truly effective effortless and enjoyable yogic methods
If the above simplest of rules are followed confidently, the stress level, the disgust, the animosity and the excessive anxiety will naturally evanesce.
Live in the present
How many of us are living in the present is a very funny but a million dollar question! We are either over concerned about the future, making plans to secure our tomorrow (which currently does not exist) or disparate about what is not done in the past (which has already died and ceased exist). Learning from the past mistakes should prove to be a welcome experience and not a burden on our psyche. Setting a goal for the future should also be scientifically, practically based on the present scenario as well as proper understanding of the available resources. Avoiding excessive concern about the goal for tomorrow is a key to stress free living.
We are bestowed with psychic faculties to handle situations in life properly and the improper use of them has become the menace of present generation. In pursuit of our goals we have to make use of the necessary faculties like passion, excitement, dedication, perseverance etc. while not exercising hindering emotions like disgust, desperation, undue urgency. We have to make it a habit to live today healthily and happily to lay an optimal foundation for better tomorrow.
There is not more potent Elixir to keep us happy and healthy than this attitude of living in the present.
Learning to be happy at simple things in life
If we remember our childhood or if we look at children having a necessary freedom of expression, we can see how happy they are at the most simple things in life. Children are naturally happy. They do not have exaggerated expectations and they enjoy at least when they get what they want without being unnecessarily logical, skeptical or self-restrained. They just let the happiness flow. How can we ever forget such a wonderful faculty of being simply happy? We do not have to learn to be joyful because such a capacity was always there in us since our birth. We only have to come out of our ignorance, we have to get rid of our false prestige created by our faulty grown up image within. In the name of maturity we have stopped appreciating simple favors, in the name of growth we have forgotten to show simple gestures, with a logical mind we failed to experience subtle realities of life and with an insatiable greed we have failed to acknowledge the beauty of true life and relationships. Such uncalled for impositions on ourselves will prevent us from being naturally happy. A simple saying “happiness is the reason for glowing health” can never be ignored.
Learn to be just analytical and inquisitive about a problem or a solution
Let us take an example of having an irritable bowel syndrome which repeatedly bothers the current generation. A person affected with IBS will have lot of stress, he thinks he needs to consult a doctor and in most of the cases doctor fails to give him any relief (IBS has become one of the most challenging problems for the modern medicine). As it progresses more than the threshold of tolerance of the person affected, the patient begins to panic, becomes more irritable, and becomes more desperate for cure and in his desperation moves from one doctor to other but in vain.
Irritable bowel syndrome or spastic colon is a symptom-based diagnosis. It is characterized by chronic abdominal pain, discomfort, bloating, and alteration of bowel habits. Diarrhea or constipation may predominate, or they may alternate (as per the definition). It has been understood that this condition has no organic cause and is more likely to occur due to altered thinking (though the patient is unaware of it) or altered interaction between brain and gastrointestinal tract.
When we say IBS has its root in the brain it becomes obvious that somewhere something has gone wrong as far as our thought process is concerned and the corrective action should more obviously begin from where it originated. So panic and desperation won’t help. All that is required is a cool headed approach to the impending cause.
Once the cause is found, the mystery is half solved.
Stop being desperate about the results
Once you learn to be analytical and practical there will not be any room for desperation. Desperation is a result of our inability to foresee a solution or expectations beyond our capabilities or above the resources available at our disposal or greed for much more than what we deserve. As scientific as it is, action begets action, grossly in line with our efforts, our knowledge and other influencing factors (most of which can be predicted). Having said so, it becomes obvious that the results largely depend on our own capabilities and not on luck or overblown expectations. When the results expected are realistic, it becomes a natural outcome.
Never have illogical assumptions
We live with assumptions. The most part of the day is wasted sometimes in assuming about somebody or something. As the very word - assume means you have taken it for granted or you believed, the truth never showing up. Further, if the assumptions are illogical they create a very big load on our psyche. Illogical assumptions vary from thinking about how others think about us to becoming a Super Human. Fancying for fun is fine but never otherwise. 
Never expect fantasized miracles (miracles are already happening every moment in our life. Learn to notice them)
We have a childhood phrasing to expect miracles. We haven’t been taught to experience or see the miracles that are happening around us every moment. We have been brought up to believe Cinderella stories, or some other glorified miraculous stories or unrealistic faiths in the name of instilling confidence, which have venomously spoiled the practical thinking faculty during our childhood. Since then we have started to believe in miracles of the sort we have heard and never experienced. We have grown up to be impractical at the core of our psyche. At least now the time has come to really believe in ourselves. Understand our capabilities and rely only on them. If you have to think of miracles, they are happening every moment around us like the flower blossoming at the touch of sun rays, cells multiplying at an unparalleled speed, earth constantly rotating without you noticing it…and what not! If we learn to be one with nature, what we explore and experience every second goes beyond our imagination and miracles become day to day experiential realities in life!
Listening to the body
Absolute health will be an effortless phenomenon if we open ourselves to the natural techniques offered to us since the bygone era of wise living. The secret of health lies in our capability to listen to our body intently, in listening to what it needs, in understanding its messages, warnings and whispers. When trained properly health becomes a natural phenomenon. For example, let us take a simple day to day activity like drinking water. We have to drink water as per the needs of the body. When we feel thirsty only we drink water and not because we have to drink as per the rules laid down by water therapists or as per the researches made in regard to body’s necessity of a certain quantity of water. We have to stop water intake exactly when the body says it has had enough. You have to be so much aware while sipping water that you know exactly when to stop. Body knows, until and unless the very faculty of internal monitoring has lost its balance. We also should note that even if that faculty has lost its balance we can restore it back by listening to body’s warnings…!
Learn to satisfy your ego but never feed it
Finally it is all about satisfying your ego. If we look at our life we are striving to satisfy ourselves every moment. At this very moment we are at the helm of affairs within ourselves. But we should understand be realistic about how much is enough to be happy and healthy. Your effort to keep yourself fit, your efforts to keep yourself competent (and not competing), successful, loving, attractive etc. shall be to satisfy your ego and not to feed it, as in being over concerned about success, envying success of others, anger, irritability, desperation etc., as such unhealthy and overburdening emotions surely spur out of inefficiency and the moment such emotions are felt we should understand something has gone wrong and something needs to be done to rectify the same. If not, sooner we get to a situation where we have only regrets. Even the so called negative emotions have their place in our life. Anger can make things work where smile fails. But you should learn to use anger for better cause before anger uses you for an uglier effect. If we learn the art of placing the emotions where they belong and using them when they become positively useful we have started an easier journey towards health.
Keep your body fit and flexible through regular practice of properly learnt, inexpensive but truly effective, effortless and enjoyable yogic methods
It is about choosing which yogic method is the right one! As the popularity has increased about the yogic methods to resolve serious health issues, the spurious practices have also exponentially increased because of the yoga instructors who have no understanding of the intrinsic disciplines, dogmas and the details involved in the practice of therapeutic yoga. It is not just about knowing how to do asanas, pranayamas, mudras or anything that come under the purview of yoga, but it is more about how to use them, for what and when. The person in need should be prescribed
·         The right yogic prescription which involves
o   Asanas,
o   Pranayamas,
o   Mudras,
o   Kriyas,
o   Bandhas,
o   Dietary regulations,
o   Attitudinal corrections to be incorporated in day to day living etc.
·         The right combination
·         The right sequence
·         The right technique to be adopted
·         The right time to adopt the required method
This involves a serious and a careful study of the science of yoga. Just like nothing is absolute in this universe even yogic method of living too has its share of limitations. It needs a lot of understanding, theoretical as well as practical, on the part of the yoga instructor and perseverance and dedication on the part of the yoga practitioner to make it yield the magical results. Then, a bit of practical outlook (considering healers’ point of view) towards application of yogic methods for a particular problem at hand is all it takes to heal a person.
With all said and done…, the attitude only matters most…!
Very important thing to learn in life is to
Suffer the wound to the extent of the wound and not a bit more than that”.
The moment the above state is reached, at least half of the problem is solved instantly. The rest half needs an inquisitive mind without confusions of complex logic or self-centered greed or undue importance of the self.
By healing ourselves we shall initiate a principled movement

Healthier Happier and contented society

Thursday, July 1, 2010


It is really Transcendental meditation that helps relax. One must practice some kind of meditation in one's life as it keeps him and his surroundings lively, compassionate and generous. Meditate if you have to enjoy the life as it is...! Jai Gurudev!

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